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We're helping to locate and reunite rightful owners and heirs with funds that are owed to them. These individuals are often unaware of existing funds that once belonged to their loved one.

Types Of Funds We Recover

Foreclosure Funds

Sometimes, a lender may set the starting bid at an auction for the mortgage, plus additional interest. If a home is sold for more than the balance of the mortgage loan, the difference is called surplus funds.

Homeowners are required to pay lenders after a foreclosure if the sale does not cover the mortgage - banks must return surplus funds to owners if the property brings more than the amount still owed on the loan.

You may be entitled to the entire amount of the surplus if you are the previous homeowner.

To recover the surplus funds, you must act within a certain period. If you fail to take action during the time specified by the state, then you will lose the right to the funds.

If no surplus money claims are filed by the homeowner, then other parties, such as the second mortgage holder, tax lien holder, or credit card lienholder, may file the claim.

When a claim for surplus funds is filed, the court will set a hearing to determine who is entitled to the funds. Typically, subordinate lien holders get access to surplus funds first, and then the balance goes toward paying the second mortgage if there is one.

Unclaimed Funds

What qualifies as unclaimed property?

*Dormant bank accounts

*Uncashed checks

*Unclaimed wages

*Insurance claim payments or benefits

*Stocks or bonds

*Safe deposit boxes

*Savings accounts

*Checking accounts

*Uncashed dividends

*Stocks and mutual funds

*Customer deposits or overpayments

*Certificate of deposit

*Credit balances


*Matured life insurance policies

*Uncashed death benefit checks

Tax Overage Excess Funds

What are Tax Overage Funds?

*Homeowners that fail to pay their property taxes

*These properties will then be auctioned as tax foreclosures by the local county

Bankruptcy Funds

What are Bankruptcy Funds?

Funds that are undelivered due to:

*Incorrect address for the recipient

*Uncashed distribution checks

*Death of the intended recipient

If you think you have unclaimed funds or would like to find out if you have any unclaimed funds available to you, please fill out this form and we will reach out to you!


Unclaimed Funds

"Thank you Mrs. Yang for helping me recover my surplus funds. Without your help, I wouldn't even know this fund existed."

-Ray K., California

Tax Overage Funds

Jacqueline E. F., Georgia.

Foreclosure Funds

"Thank you Mrs. Yang for your services."

-Jian Qiang Xie, California

Foreclosure Funds

Feng Juan L., California

Unclaimed Funds

"Thank you for letting me know and helping me recover the funds. At first, I thought it was a scam. All my friends and family said it was a scam, don't do it. But I said at least I'll give it a try and see if it was real. I provided my information to Surplus Equity Receivables, I trusted them to help recover these funds for me. I'm so happy for your help and it's real. I got my check!! Thank you Mee Y."

-Chayeng T.

Recovered funds owed to him for over 10 years.

Unclaimed Funds

Life insurance policy estate of John C. and Audrey C., recovered for John C. Junior.

Unclaimed funds

Recovered funds owed to his parents for over 10 yrs ago. Thanh L. & Khanh L.

Unclaimed Funds

Life insurance policy owed to her dad and grandmom over 11 years.

Unclaimed Funds
Life insurance policy owed to her brother for over 12 years.

Forclosure funds owed to Nida Cacho in CA

Funds owed to Cowan Rental Services, LLC.

Recommendation Letter

GA-Recover a dormant saving account funds over 7 years

GA -Recover a dormant Saving Account funds.

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